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03:42 PM | Sun, 04 Dec 2016

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Total Rewards Conclave - Evolving Role of Rewards

311 Days ago

Business Wire India
For organisations to become ‘Destination Employer’, it has become imperative to deliberate on the evolving role of Rewards. People Matters, which is India’s leading knowledge and media platform in the Human Resources space, in its quest to answer this, presents 'Total Rewards Conclave, 2016, at The Leela Gurgaon. It is a forum where high-impact questions will be debated by the best brains in the business.
People Matters Editor-in-Chief, Ester Martinez, said: “As a significant component of the organization’s cost base and a top lever for CEOs and CHROs to build an aligned culture, Reward is the pivot for attracting, hiring and retaining talent, and a critical tool for organizations for becoming a Destination Employer. As organizations re-define the meaning of talent, the need to align their rewards to create a Destination Employer for their talent segments becomes all the more important.”
The theme for this year's conclave is: ‘Becoming a Destination Employer, The role of Rewards’ – Reward is a strategic tool to achieve the talent strategy of the organization. Attracting and retaining the best talent is significant in a disruptive business environment that requires innovation and discretionary effort to strive. Understanding the implications of rewards and its dimensions across the employer and employee requires keeping up-to-date with research, best practices and the future opportunities for reward professionals.
Zubin Zack, Director and Chief Recognition Strategist, O.C. Tanner India said, “If there was one tool as a lever to business goals - “Total Rewards” would be in the top 3 priorities to get the Total Reward Strategy right for the organization. Employees are the biggest and best assets and Culture, Capability Development and Rewards are three pillars which allow companies to align their strategy and accelerate growth. We look forward to lead with our experience and expertise on this subject.”
In a highly interactive platform, where renowned speakers, facilitators, and moderators will ensure high level participation along with audience interaction. Distinguished speakers will be addressing the Conclave -- D Shivakumar - Chairman & CEO, PepsiCo India; Ritu Anand - Deputy Head Global HR, TCS; S V Nathan - Senior Director, Chief Talent Officer, Deloitte; Prabir Jha - Global Chief People Officer, Cipla; Kevin Ames - Director, O.C. Tanner Institute; Genevieve Lim - Head of APAC Compensation and Benefits at Facebook, and many more.
Suchitra Rajendra, Vice-President HR, PepsiCo India said, “PepsiCo believes in attracting and retaining high performing talent through providing great career opportunities, building leadership capabilities and rewarding through the right mix of compensation and benefits. We believe that employees perform best when they are coached, given differentiated experiences which set them up for long term success that enable them to achieve their career aspirations.  The value they bring to the organization, the potential they demonstrate, the success of the team and the organization are factors that determine the total rewards. We believe in rewarding strong individual performance resulting in strong business performance through the right behaviours and values. The rewards are structured both for the today and tomorrow.”
Genevieve Lim, Head of APAC Compensation and Benefits at Facebook Management Consulting, Singapore had a different take on strategy and said, “Strategy is perhaps one of the most important things for business but Culture eats strategy for breakfast”.
Siddharth Reddy, Managing Director, BI WORLDWIDE India said, “The cycles of employee supply and demand have taken pole position in turns. The employees are again gaining that leverage and companies need to respond to what they are now looking for if they have to attract and retain great talent. Total Rewards that goes beyond just compensation is gaining more mindshare in determining who is the employer of choice.”
In its 3rd year, the conclave will deliberate a number of critical questions, such as –

  1. Strategic Rewards: Various trends and trajectories are emerging in the reward space globally and in India. Which are the opportunities for CEOs, CHROs and Reward professionals to optimize investments?
  2. Rewards for a multi-generational workforce: How can organizations creatively design reward programs that suit the diverse needs of a multi-generational workforce?
  3. Motivation and Recognition – How does culture, alignment, appreciation impact business results, engagement, motivation and retention?
  4. Well-Being – Health, wellness, financial security are all part of well-being. How can organizations enable employee’s well-being and yield its benefits?
  5. Global Reward – Is Reward defined and executed in a global environment while keeping the principles of pay for performance and equity across diverse markets? And many more...
These will be discussed in various events during the Conclave – Keynote, Panel discussion, Bistro session, Talk show, Open space workshop, Sneak peek into the future, Partner’s showcase.
The event will give a great insight to Reward and HR Directors, Compensation and Benefits Leaders, Reward Managers and other C&B Specialists, HR professionals with responsibility for reward, Consultants, Reward Technology service providers. The Total Reward Conclave, 2016 is exclusively targeted at over 450 Reward practitioners and professionals.  Individuals, who consistently use Reward as a tool to attract, engage and retain talent in multi-faceted organizations. 
Rightly summed up by Rajesh Mundra, Founder & CEO, Truworth Wellness, "Rewards that betters the quality of life have the ability to attract and engage employees and it’s one of the things that makes any Employer a Destination Employer.
About Total Rewards Conclave
The Conclave is India’s largest dedicated rewards and benefits event focused on providing expert insights, information and exposure to industry experts, C&B leaders, strategic advisors and senior HR professionals. Every year, the Total Rewards Conclave provides an opportunity for leaders and functional heads managing the rewards portfolios to come together on one platform, share their best practices and ideas, learn about the new products in the market and also devise strategies for acquiring and retaining talent by evaluating the maturing rewards, compensation and benefits space. As a significant component of the organization’s cost base and a top lever for CEOs and CHROs to build an aligned culture, Reward is the pivot for attracting, hiring and retaining talent, and a critical tool for organizations for becoming a Destination Employer. As organizations re-define the meaning of talent, the need to align their rewards to create a Destination Employer for their talent segments becomes all the more imperative. Rewards will determine the success of the overall talent strategy – from recruitment, development, performance, to culture to behavior and ultimately brand.
About People Matters
People Matters is India’s leading media platform on leadership, talent management, and organizational development. People Matters has a portfolio of channels, including a monthly print magazine, an active online community and offline events. Content is structured to provide accessible & practical information to help companies implement people practices and initiative successfully. It focuses on the delivery of content by engaging with domain experts in India Inc. which sets the tone for future management debate and discussion, and inspires business leaders. People Matters is a platform where business leaders share their experiences, best practices and ideas which budding leaders and entrepreneurs can apply in their own careers and companies.

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